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 Pro Evolution Soccer 2010!

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Level: Novice

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PostSubject: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010!   Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:10 pm

Ok so the past month or two as far as gaming is concerned i aint being doing Jack!

But when you guys (i presume) are asleep i have been playing Demo's....yup lots of Demos.

One has me hooked....i am even doing my own Round Robin in my head with all the teams on that Demo..


I don't really know why i like it so much, maybe it's the nostalgia, maybe it was that i was secretly playing PES 2009 on the Xbox just before i went on holiday....but damn it is so much better than 09's version. Way better.

Granted it still is a bit sluggish....but it looks awesome with no swollen limbs...the crowds are poopy (at least they got rid of When the Reds go Marching in)....but you can ping the ball and it just feels right, especially Long passes...and long shots.

I like the Player Index and special abilities thing, and the fact you can turn them on and off...but there is real thought into it, and you actually see it happening on the field.

I also like the fact that they ripped the whole custom Tactics thing from FIFA 09.

So having played both FIFA 10 and PES 10 demos....PES has come a lot further than FIFA, but then it needed to. But then again none of them are Perfect and FIFA is still better than PES as the actual football is a lot smother and it is so easy to score free kicks Very Happy

But i love the fact that you can actually run past people more fluid in PES than you can in FIFA....which still has the lame ass thing of first time passing all the way to the box and then finesse it to finish....goal!!

PES is a lot harder i

But honestly? I think FIFA 09 plays better than them both.

As for other demos...i knew Wet was going to be crap, way too much slow mo, it actually seems stupid, as a whole. I am going out on a limb hee and saying the only under dorks who buy this fancy the main character, bad news guys...the redness on her knees was from all those knee slides Razz

I was impressed by the amount of enemies in IL2 Sturmovik...but haven't fully played it as i got kind of bored, lol.

Really impressed with DiRt 2, how awesome are the menus?

Mini Ninjas is quite fun, from what i remember...the night when i played that was a bit of a haze..i remember that it was kind of cute...ahem...

Speaking of Ninjas....just wish this Ninja Gaiden Demo would download already....can't wait to play that. But as we all know Samurai > Ninja Ninja

Well that is all i remember i played Very Happy

Oh and PES Rocks!! Beating

Oh and it finally has some proper music licensing too Hump
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Level: Novice
Level: Novice

Number of posts : 26
Registration date : 2009-01-04

PostSubject: Re: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010!   Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:16 pm

Since the Forum Borked here is the rest of this Conversation:

Ranv wrote:
Samurai > Ninja ????????

What ??????

Do you not know who Shinobi is?

Pes is fun The ML is always good.
Theres not many games you get to make a team from scratch.

Dirt2 is mental.

Why is it that you can never choose to play as India FC in any game?
They used to have Saudi Arabia but they went too.

I remember when the Indian national side came to play some lower leauge teams in England.
I think they lost all their games Smile

shrubman wrote:
Classic shin post!

Pes is miles better than last year, I haven't played it enough to say how good it is though. I WANT it to be good though.

Wet is crap.

Dirt2 is very good. May get this when it's a bit older as I have too many other games to play. You're right, the menus are fantastic. Other developers should learn from them.

I'm working through infamous now (and loving it) then on to Fifa10 (probably) Uncharted2 and DLC for Fallout.

I may get divorced just to find the time.
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010!
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