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 The Forum Borked Up - 02/10/09

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Level: Novice

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PostSubject: The Forum Borked Up - 02/10/09   Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:46 pm


So stupid.

Well all the Old Forum stuff was still here, but hidden away. I decided to properly delete it. But before i did that i wanted to Back it all up just in case something goes wrong.

Sod's fracking law, it hung...messed me around and then restored a lot of crap and swapped members names around. For instance people's posts were shown up as written by other people such as Warrior's message was by Zippy, lol

So everything had to get wiped including user's accounts so unfortunately you'll have to re-register Sad

Thank God it was only 4 threads though.

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The Forum Borked Up - 02/10/09
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