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 Modern Warfare 2

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Level: Novice
Level: Novice

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PostSubject: Modern Warfare 2   Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:14 am

I've just been playing this, it's awsom!

Done a few stages of single player and it's brutal.
The level in Brazil is amazingly close quaters.
Windows, roofs and doors there everywhere.

Just played my fist 35 min online TDM.
Ranked up to 5 not far off 6.
Good thing is that it's just like w@w online.
I'm glad they didn't too complicte the gameplay.
Although the being owned by a chopper is not so good, just hide next time.
Also I didn't see any rabid k9's. Thank god!!

I love simple games, run, shoot, die, run and shoot, die......

Top marks! Smile
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Modern Warfare 2
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